According to Captain Snark, our very own Kenny Burchard, the following facts need to be accounted for:

“Hi Facebook. Just a gentle reminder that there is only one way for a true Christian to vote. And that way, as expressed and clarified daily right here on Facebook is—

1. Vote for Trump and not Hillary.
2. Vote for Hillary and not Trump.
3. Vote 3rd Party
4. Don’t vote at all.

That is the only way a true Christian could vote. Those who disagree have a serious problem with their faith.”

Kenny is basically summarizing the vast majority of our social media feeds. Christians are absolutely convinced that unless [insert your favorite candidate] is elected, the United States of America is going to go implode. Or, what seems more common, if [insert the candidate you can’t stand] comes the President, our country will spiral into destruction.

While I’m only 37 years old and I’ve only paid attention to elections in the last thirty years, I must say that the amount of fear-mongering in this election has been almost overwhelming. Or comical. Or both.

That being said, this has been common political strategy. I remember hearing Republicans of the “Religious Right” suggest that if Clinton became President, we’d lose all of our religious freedom and we’d usher in the Anti-Christ (clearly indicating their eschatological persuasion). And I was told by others that if George W. Bush was reelected, we’d be at war with every country on the planet. Fear-mongering is apparently the way of modern politics (and, to be fair and accurate, pretty much how politics has played out in history).

So, for those of you who are freaking out and worried that if [insert your favorite candidate] isn’t elected tomorrow and [insert the candidate you can’t stand] is, I have five simple words for you to grab onto:

Jesus will still be Lord.

I recommend you read those words out loud several times. And then come back to you over and over again. If you know much about Church History, you will probably recall that when the Church has been persecuted, it has flourished. You should also know that even in the most difficult and challenging societies, were Christianity was extremely counter-cultural, it not only flourished, it expanded and continued well beyond that society. The Roman Empire, friends, no longer stands. Yet the community of Christ’s kingdom, the Church, still stands.

So on November 9th, after millions of people have (or have not) exercised their conscious duty and have or have not voted, Jesus will still be Lord. It’s a fact, Jack. So take comfort from it!


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