As I’ve been preparing for tomorrow’s sermon at Trinity Christian Fellowship, I’ve been struck by the cyclical patterns that are found throughout the Old Testament, but specifically throughout Judges. Time and time again, you find the following pattern:

  • Apostasy: the people of God disobey the commands of the Lord;
  • Discipline: God delivers Israel to neighboring nations as punishment;
  • Desperation: The people of Israel begin to cry out to God for deliverance (sometimes giving signs of repentance, and other times not).
  • Salvation: God raises up a person to deliver the people of Israel out of their bondage.

This pattern is seen in the life and ministries of Moses, Joshua, Gideon, and Samuel, to name just a few. So here’st he question: in light of Romans 15:4, what can we learn from this pattern? What does it teach us about what we often call “backsliding” or “living in the world”?

What do you think?

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