[Many thanks to BibleWorks for the review copy. Due to the capability of BibleWorks 9, I’m going to review this in a series of posts. This will allow for comprehensive coverage and will give you a better idea of what BibleWorks can do.]

This is the fourth version of BibleWorks that I have used, so I’ve installed it a decent amount of times on a decent amount of platforms (Windows XP, Vista, and 7). The installation process has never given me a problem. In fact, installation is quite simple.

The software came on three disks, with the initial installation process beginning almost immediately after the first disk was installed. You will need the activation and unlocking codes in order for the software to install on your computer. The software includes an amazing amount of original language texts, resources, and much more (view full contents here). We’ll talk about this more later.

A helpful part of the installation process is having the ability to choose what Bible translations I want installed and in what languages. BibleWorks 9 comes with versions in the original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek), English, and many other languages, including Polish, Danish, Latin, German, Japanese, Turkish, etc. This makes BibleWorks useful for missionaries in many different contexts. Yet with each additional translation, your computer’s hard drive will lose what could be valuable space. Thus, having the ability to choose with languages you will need is helpful, especially since I doubt I’ll learn Danish or Polish. And if I do, it’s

Like I said, installation was quick, easy, and worked perfectly. Within 20 minutes, the software was fully installed and I had it running immediately. Once opened, it gave me the option of downloading and installing software updates (which I did). The option to update software and manuscripts will occur each time the software is opened and those updates are available.

I give BibleWorks 9 five stars for installation ease and functionality.

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