Numbers Matter – As you know, when some people are discussing church growth or issues related to worship gathering attendance, someone always throws in a “numbers don’t matter” response and point us to consider it as a “matter of the heart.” I think I’d make several distinguishing clarifications to what Harvey Turner says here, but this is a good reminder that it’s not as simple as saying numbers don’t matter. I think numbers do matter and that we need to just as forcefully recognize that numbers are not outright evidence of spiritual health or actual biblical conversion taking place. It can be, but not always. And it’s absolutely crazy to suggest that numbers don’t matter at all. The book of Acts suggests otherwise (cf. Acts 1:15; 2:41, 47; 4:4; 5:14; 6:7; etc.).

Should Pastors Have a Day Off Every Week? – Brian Croft of Practical Shepherding says, “YES!!!” *note to self*

Thinking Through Your Church’s Mercy Ministry – Excellent words of advice from Kevin DeYoung.

Koinonia Wednesday Give Away – Sign up to win a free book.

There is lots of controversy surrounding the recent invitation extended to T. D. Jakes from James MacDonald – MacDonald invited Jakes to The Elephant Room. Nathan Busenitz has addressed this. Carl Trueman has addressed this. Jonathan Moorhead has addressed this. Thabiti Anyabwile wrote what I think is probably the most detailed evaluation of why this is a significant issue, along with Anthony Carter’s. Of course, James MacDonald responded (twice). Mark Driscoll then added his support for the invitation. Tom Chantry wrote an “open letter” to MacDonald. No surprise that Phil Johnson considers this “playing nice with heretics.” Tim Challies raises really helpful questions. James MacDonald has requested prayer for this event. Finally, Justin Taylor has weighed in. Yeah, quite the controversy. In my opinion, I think Jakes is most certainly a heretic and that The Elephant Room needs to change it’s organization information if it is going to continue to have conversations like this, which I think is a good thing. Having Jakes for a discussion is great. Giving the impression that everyone is Christ-loving Christians is quite the opposite.

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