John OwenI can’t stop meditating upon a statement that John Owen wrote in the first chapter of The Glory of Christ. Owen was an English theologian who lived in the 17th century; his works are still considered classic. Owen and his wife had eleven children, though only one of them lived past infancy. In many ways, his biography reads of struggle and frustration, yet something seems to have compelled him to press on and labor for the kingdom of God, something far greater than we could ever imagine. Thankfully, he addressed this when he wrote,

“Only a sight of his glory, and nothing else, will truly satisfy God’s people. The hearts of believers are like a magnetized needle which cannot rest until it is pointing north. So also, a believer, magnetized by the love of Christ, will always be restless until he or she comes to Christ and beholds his glory. The soul which can be satisfied without beholding the glory of Christ, that cannot be eternally satisfied with beholding the glory of Christ, is not a soul for whom Christ prays.” (p.2)

Owen’s comments come in light of Jesus’ priestly prayer in John 17. Oh that we would be satisfied by the glory of Christ alone! Show us your glory!

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