St. Athanasius (c. 293-373), , a bishop of Alexandria, wrote what is often regarded as the “Mere Christianity” of the church fathers – On the Incarnation. In fact, C.S. Lewis stated that it was a “masterpiece” in the introduction for an edition that was released in 1944.

Athanasius’ work is a classic – period. I’ve begun rereading it after a reminder from the good folks at (thanks, guys!). Harry Plantinga, Director of the CCEL, writes the following about this fantastic book:

It’s straightforward and easy to read. St. Athanasius presents the whole of Christian theology, from the creation to the cross. The book answers a lot of questions I think Christians struggle with, such as: why did Christ have to die on the cross—if Christ was God, couldn’t He have chosen another way? In many ways it is also the foundation for theology in the ancient Church, and it is still a staple in the Eastern Orthodox Church.”

Interested in reading it? You can do it for free here! Enjoy this wonderful “masterpiece” of literature.

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