A growing group of friends, both new and old, have asked me about continuing their biblical-theological education. For many, seminary, grad school, the Vineyard Institute, or even a Church Planting Residency is not in the cards.

Yet there is still a desire for continuing education. So how can one go about experiencing a way that will both provide a context for learning? Is there a way to go about this without doing it alone? How might one have some accountability with studying as well as a context where people can share and discuss ideas?

I’d like to start a monthly interactive “webinar” where a group of us can get together and discuss a “book of the month.” We’d set aside an hour and a half to connect, discuss, and encourage one another. I’ve also talked to a few “big name” or “well known” leaders who would be willing to join us from time to time to discuss certain topics related to leadership, Scripture, theology, etc.

If you are interested, would you be willing to chime in below in the comment section with some ideas in regards to which day of the month would work best for you? The 1st Sunday of the month? The 2nd Tuesday of the month? Or maybe the 3rd Thursday works best? Please post which days would work best for you!!

For our first meeting, I’m thinking it’d be great to discuss Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship.

What say you?

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