Where are the Angels?One doesn’t have to read much Scripture to find angels. I’ve hung with some Christians who seem to see angels everywhere they go, though these people also tend to identify demons in everything negative that happens around them too, so I’m not sure they can be trusted. Is there really a demon that is focused on causing Christians to stub their toes? I mean, really?

While I’m not sure about whether or not angelic encounters should be considered normative, I’m not convinced it shouldn’t be somewhat normal either. Back in 2011 I asked our readers, “Have you Met Any Angels Lately” and provided a short exegesis of Hebrews 13:1-2.

I’m still curious about where all of the angels are, especially in evangelical churches. I wonder if my Baptist friends ever sense angelic presence or if my Presbyterian sisters and brothers do too. I know some of my Pentecostal associates do, but what about those of us in the Vineyard?

Sam Storms suggests that angels function for the purpose of worship, service, guidance and direction, and to guard and protect and that the direction of their function is toward both God and God’s people.

So again, I ask, where are the angels? I am not seeking to take away from the worship of Jesus or to hear stories that are designed to indicate how gloriously anointed you are. I’m genuinely curious to hear whether or not you have had some experiences with what you would describe as angels. If so, what were they?

By the way, if your “angel” told you to deny the gospel or to write some more ideas down that you think should be considered “scripture,” please move along to another blog. Mmmmmmkay? Please and thank you!

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