"Total Church"Similar to what I argued recently about how a disciple making movement becomes a church planting movement, I was scanning through portions of one of my favorite books ever written… Total Churchby Tim Chester and Steve Timmis. If you do not own this book, stop what you are doing and go purchase it immediately.

Total Church lays out a gospel-centered missional strategy for the ecclesial community. It’s a tremendous resource and one that I think Vineyard pastors and leaders should read.

Here’s a brief quote from Total Church that encourages a communal commitment to plant churches as opposed to just one person. I tend to lean in this direction myself, so I really like this:

“So mission cannot be done by a lone ranger. Mission must be done by a community of believers. It cannot be done in hit-and-run raids. There must be a community that can be observed and one that offers a place of belonging. When we think “mission” we must think “church.” And the best way to link church and mission is through church planting.”

What do you think? I know the church planting naysayers will dislike the last statement but what about the idea of community focused church planting or community focused missional living?

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