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Had a late night, so running a little late today. Make sure to follow the twitter hashtag #SVS2014 to stay up on people’s thoughts


11:06am… sitting in the “Hermeneutics: The Authority of God in Scripture” session. Listening to Corey Hackworth’s paper, “A Case for the Beatification of Texts.”

11:22am… David Sloan on “Jesus and Inerrancy.”

John 10:34-36 is a possible text to support inerrancy. “The Scriptures cannot be broken.”

Jesus’ position is very similar to modern inerrancy proponents.

Sloan appears to support a view similar to Kevin Vanhoozer’s well informed inerrancy. Love it.

11:31am… Beth Stovell, the biblical studies genius. Speaking on pneumatic hermeneutics. Seeks to acknowledge the Spirit’s role.

Kingdom is closely related to the Spirit.

11:39… Q&A.

Brad Blocksome. Great question.

Push back on Sloan. I still like Sloan’s argument.

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