An overwhelmed student!There’s nothing like reading a course syllabus and coming to terms with the fact that not only do you have to read more than you’ve ever read in your life, but you have to remember what you read and then write a huge paper on the subject! College, seminary, and grad school can be very difficult.

Enter Logos Bible Software.

Logos won’t make college, seminary, or grad school easy. But it will make it easier. This is partly because the software is specifically designed to help with scholars (students!), both young and old, in their research and writing. After all, Logos is fully research capable, and not just capable, Logos is designed and intended to help you in your studies.

On a personal note, I went through Bible college and seminary without Logos. And after being out of school for about four years, I finally purchased Logos in 2010. That gave me three years to work with Logos and to use it on an almost daily basis. Then, this past september, I started grad school and hope to end up with a PhD, which means I’ll be in school for a long time!

One of our foundational reasons for having is to serve the church. Since there are many pastors and seminarians who read our humble site, I thought this could be a helpful series for some of our readers. So a couple times a month I plan on writing about how I’m “surviving” through grad school, thanks to the help of Logos.

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