The Burchards!

I am pleased to announce that has a new contributor: Kenny Burchard! I haven’t been this excited since I got married! Wait… okay, I’m not that excited (sorry Kenny!), but I am thrilled that he would be willing to join our contributors! I’d like to just take a few moments to tell you why I’m excited about Kenny:

First, Kenny and his wife, MaryJo, have become dear friends to me. I met them before this year’s Society of Vineyard Scholars’ annual meeting via social media and was fortunate to spend time with them face to face at the conference. It was a blast. They are the kind of friends that I know will keep me in prayer, have good and Godly advice for me, and are concerned about the same goals as me (God’s greater glory). It’s cool meeting what people call “kindred spirits”… even if that still sounds weird to me.

Secondly, Kenny is a very thoughtful pastor and theologian. I look forward to the insights and experiences that he’s going to share with us. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by what he has to write and I know he welcomes your interaction in the comments!

Thirdly, Kenny lives in Virginia Beach, VA where his family continues to live out their ministry of relational discipleship, and their conviction that our calling is to partner with God — In Jesus — to UNBREAK the world.

PS – I love this picture of the Burchard family!

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