As many of you know, Rick Warren’s son, Matthew, committed suicide several months ago. Many of us were praying for and mourning with the Warren’s as they dealt with such an unimaginable tragedy. As a father of four, I couldn’t imagine the level of anguish.

This past weekend, Pastor Warren was back in the pulpit after a 16-week hiatus. I suggest that everyone takes a moment to listen to Warren’s sermon (find it here). With all that he has gone through recently, I’m very thankful for his desire to bring both some education and awareness to the Church on this crucial need.

I don’t want to presume upon why God ordains or allows certain things (depending upon whether you are an Arminian or a Calvinist, right?). Yet I can’t help but think that since God “works all things according to the counsel of his will” (Eph. 1:11), there’s a way that this tragedy will have an end result for the greater glory of God and health of people. 

Here’s what I am thinking: Rick Warren has a ginormous platform. He’s very influential. I’m thinking that his work towards educating the general population within and outside the Church will serve in extremely helpful ways. Perhaps churches will find that overlooking such a large group of people with so many needs is something that needs to be reconciled.

For this, I am thankful. And I will be praying that Warren is able to help us all become better at reaching out to and serving people with mental illnesses!

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