As some of you know, last year my Grandma died. I got to spend a week at her bed-side in Anchorage, AK before she passed away too. In fact, I wrote about “Learning to love like Grandma” when I was with her. I still miss her a lot.

Well I’m back in Anchorage helping my grandfather go through his house in order to pick what he’s going to distribute to the family and to clean up his house and pack as much as possible. It’s been a pretty emotional week because we’ve been going through a lot of stuff that was extremely formative in my childhood. Not only am I sleeping in the bedroom I grew up in, but it’s the room that Grandma lived in for the last year of her life. It’s where I got to sit with her and introduce my son to her multiple times throughout the day (she had dementia). So many memories in this room.

We’re also going through a lot of pictures in order to figure out who they are going to go to. This has been some of the best stuff because I’m learning so much about my grandparents! Their lives were so exciting. Being in the Navy brought my gramps to many different countries, including Japan where he met my grandma. I’ve seen pictures of my grandparents as children with their families as well as lots of pictures of my dad and his brothers as kids. That’s been great!

Anyway, while we’re remembering our past, we’re creating memories… and that’s pretty cool.

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