I generally define myself as a “soft-Complementarian” when it comes to my understanding of how Scripture informs us concerning the issue of women serving in ministry. In a nutshell, I hesitate at seeing Scripture affirming women as Elders (Pastors, Overseers) but do not see a problem with women teaching or preaching within the context of the local church gatherings. I suppose I could even state that I believe that the normative way in which a “senior” church leadership team should exist is by having men as a part of that group. That means that I’m not necessarily opposed to women being “team members” nor that I think this is the way it must always be (hence the use of my word “normative”).

Yet I should say that I’m increasingly aware that I may be either moving closer to Egalitarianism or at least more open to exploring the issue. If you are an Egalitarian, please refrain from recommending all of the wonderful books you own or have written or know will change my life. I probably already own them 🙂

There’s three blogs that I think everyone should take a look at. Two include videos and the third is a decent introduction to the way that trajectory works within certain perspectives concerning hermeneutics. Check them out:

What do you think?

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