“The universe of Paul’s thought revolved around the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Paul’s christology illumined his thought in its entirety, sometimes shedding its light on aspects of his thought that one might have expected would have gone relatively untouched by christology. For instance, who would have expected Paul, in midrashic fashion, to tell his Corinthian listeners that the rock that gave forth water to the Israelites during their period of wilderness wanderings was Christ (1 Cor 10:4)? Here he draws on sapiential ideas about the role of personified Wisdom in Israel… Paul’s view of Christ was so broad that he could conceive of him as being involved in God’s dealings with his people long before he was born and began his earthly ministry. This is apparently because he saw Christ as Wisdom come in the flesh (cf. 1 Cor 1:24), and therefore whatever had been said of Wisdom in early Jewish thought, including its existence in heaven before creation (cf. Prov 8; Sir 24; Wis 7), was now predicated of Christ…” (Dictionary of Paul and His Letters, 103)

The apostle Paul closed the end of his life writing that he wanted to gain Christ and know him more (Phil. 3:8-11). There’s no doubt that the center of Paul’s universe, and the universe that Paul wrote about and lived in, was Jesus, the Son of God and fulfillment of the OT promises. Paul’s Christology was centered on Jesus, the one whom was to be given all preeminence (Col. 1:18). We can learn a lot from Paul…

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