Dear Normal Geisler & Albert Mohler,

I’m sure that the two of you are busy defending the Christian faith from the onslaught of opponents to the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m thankful that the two of you are passionate for many good things and I hope this open letter doesn’t come across harmful, arrogant, or mean-spirited.

Yet with all of my strength I want to push back against your recent shenanigans against Michael Licona. I believe Michael Patton already pointed out how much of a circus this “controversy” has become. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said better by Patton. Yet I continue to read and hear people following up on your “pleas” and “warnings” to avoid Licona as well as continued calls for him to repent and abandon his view. Are we in medieval Europe? Are you two the Pope’s of evangelicalism?

So in the spirit of your previous “warnings” and “pleas,” I would ask that you abandon your previous warnings and pleas. Defending the authority of Scripture is one thing. Defending your interpretation as the only authoritative interpretation is an entirely different issue.

Thanks for reading. I know you probably have been waiting for this post for quite some time. I just can’t stand to hear and read any more silliness again Michael Licona, one of the brightest evangelical NT scholars, apologists, and theologians that we have. He’s one of the good guys, fellas. Really, he is.


Luke Geraty


While you are at it, go and pick up Licona’s The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach. It’s easily in my list of top two books on the Resurrection (N.T. Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God is the other).

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