I stumbled upon an explanation of how one church allows for both covenantal infant baptism and believer’s baptism by Jared Wilson. Much to agree with and certainly good to think through.

Shai Linne’s new album (“The Attributes of God”) has been released. It’s a great hip hop album, which I plan to review soon. At any rate, he’s added his lyrics online.

Michael Patton asks whether he and Roger Olson worship the same God (Patton is a Calvinist and Olson is an Arminian). It’s a good read.

Speaking of Calvinists, on more than one occasion I’ve heard people say that our theology should be Calvinistic but our preaching should be along the lines of an Arminian. Well, Eric Mckiddie wrote an excellent article (“How to Call for a Gospel Response Like a Calvinist”) that demonstrates that such thinking is ridiculous! Calvinists should absolutely call for sinners to respond to the gospel!

Scot McKnight gave a brief review of Michael Bird’s contribution to the new book Justification: Five Views. I really like Bird.

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