Ryan Lizza’s “fact check” on Michelle Bachmann is quite ridiculous – Joe Carter provides a helpful review of Lizza’s recent article. I am not one who is on the Bachmann band wagon, so this was just interesting because it interacts with Lizza’s clear misrepresentation of Schaeffer and as a reminder to actually take journalistic integrity seriously. Unfortunately, I am not sure many New Yorker readers will see this article. *sigh*

What is a Missional Community – I love this article. LOVE IT. Read it. Digest it. Live it.

How long should my sermons be when I preach? – Brian fleshes out three principles: (1) it should be based on where our people are, not where we think they should be; (2) it should be based on how good and seasoned a preacher you are; (3) it should leave your people long for more, not less. Great advice. Read the entire article!

J.R. Kirk has written a little about “bounded-set” and “centered-set” thinking (part 1 and part 2). This would probably give Dave Schmelzer a smile. While I continue to think “centered-set” thinking is probably the best visual for our thinking and interaction, the tensions related to the “in” the Kingdom of God and “out” of the Kingdom of God still need to be interacted with more. As with any system, there seems to be a few limitations if it isn’t a flexible model. Yet, compared to “bounded-set” and “fuzzy-set,” it’s the best option!

Why “Let Go and Let God” is a Bad Idea” – If you’ve ever said this phrase or heard this phrase, you need to understand why you shouldn’t use it again or accept it’s offer by others. It is really that good.

Is the Main Thing the Only Thing? – Joe Thorn answers the question, “is it possible that within the ‘gospel-centered movement’ some people are making the main thing the only thing?” Great article. Good reminder.

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