Despite my fascination with the confessional liturgical world and the spontaneity of charismatic theology, I’m not exactly sure how one goes about “designing” an “order of service” that incorporates the two. So I’d like to hear from you about what you think is the “best” (or most preferable?) model to follow for a church’s worship gathering. Let’s re-frame the question:

How would you design the order of a worship service?

Feel free to also describe the ambiance and overall atmosphere of such a worship gathering. If you come from a more “liturgical” conviction, include an example of the readings and if you come from a more “charismatic” tradition, paint the picture of what exactly happens in your mind. If you have candles, explain! If your service includes a funny video clip, expound the reason! If you have the auditorium dim or bright, explain why!

I look forward to reading your thoughts…

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