Tim Challies has an interesting post concerning Rob Bell’s Love Wins and the connected storm of controversy that spread throughout conservative Evangelical circles. His blog post (Hell, Bell, and What We Did Well) suggests that the Reformed community was played by Bell’s publishing company. I’m inclined to agree. He suggests the following:

  • We got gamed.
  • We responded immediately & forcefully.
  • We sold the book.
  • We stood for truth.
  • We are standing firm.

Tim’s “we” is the conservative Reformed folks. He goes on to suggest some ideas we need to consider. I summarize them as being,

  • Social media is powerful and very influential;
  • Those in leadership of movements need to use wisdom when making public statements;
  • Just because you “speak” through social media, we need to be prayerful and thoughtful before we do so;
  • The Reformed movement is gaining more and more influence in the world;
  • Publishers want to make money by selling books and they will use people to accomplish their goal.

This is a well articulated follow up for everyone to read, reflect upon, and interact with!


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