Paul gave the Corinthians an imperative when he wrote, “Let a person examine himself.” I continue to consider self-examination (see previous post, How am “I” doing). Karl Graustein, author of Growing Up Christian, provides helpful questions for young believers to consider, based upon 2 Cor. 13. He suggests we ask the following:

Do you pray? What do you pray about?
Do you read the Bible? Do you enjoy reading your Bible? Do you experience God teaching you when you read your Bible?
Do you worship God? Why do you worship?
Do you think about God? What aspects of God do you think about?
Do you confess your sin to God?

Your Motives
Why do you pray?
Why do you read your Bible?
Why do you go to church?
Why do you attend youth meetings?
What do you think about in times of corporate worship?
Why do you do good works?
Why do you acknowledge sin in your life?
Why do you obey your parents?

Your Relationships
Do you talk about God with your friends?
Do you tell non-Christians about your faith?
Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
Do you enjoy spending time with true Christians?
Do you desire to serve others?

I think these questions are excellent, and I’d encourage you to take a look at them and consider answering them! Perhaps God will use them to help you examine yourself and seek Him for help in making some changes!

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