As an American, I have found that it is almost mandatory to be happily unhappy. We are told to want more and to never be happy with what we have. You have a nice house and a nice car? So what, your neighbors house is much, much larger! Your kids are doing well in school? Too bad they aren’t as athletic as several of their peers! Your happy with your job? No you aren’t! You don’t make enough money!

So says (and goes) the media, society, and every aspect of our culture. Nothing is ever enough. We are trained to want more. What’s worse is that many Christians actually think they really aren’t like this! I heard Jason Upton state that Christians need to be free from thinking they are free. I couldn’t agree more.

My point is that no one is above this problem. I constantly hear “intercessors” and “prayer warriors” spend hours upon hours talking about all the problems they face. I’ve sat in small group after small group and heard people share just how broke and in need they really are. I’ve watched gathering after gathering stay focused on the needs and desires of the congregation. And time and time again I have this strong sense that we just need to shut our mouths for a few minutes and thank God for what He has and is doing! With this same feeling, I believe Paul wrote,

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God…” – Phil. 4:6

It is perfectly natural and even acceptable to make requests for God to make changes to our life. But every request must be made in a spirit of thanksgiving! We are to ask God to change things and yet thank Him for the way they are.

Since I’m quite sure most of us have no problem making our requests known to God, let’s take a moment to note what we’re thankful for. After all, it is “thanksgiving” season, right? So, what are you thankful for in regards to the following categories:

  • General areas of life
  • Family “stuff”
  • Work related issues
  • Materialism (houses, cars, clothing, etc.)
  • Church “stuff”
  • Friend “stuff”
  • Everything else

Happy Thanksgiving! Be blessed.

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