Water the Lawn Once a Week – Why?

Once your lawn is established, it is better to water the lawn once a week, whichֲ  encouraging deep root growth. But be careful,ֲ  grass can drown from over watering.ֲ  If it is extremely hot, maybe twice a week. If you are going on a holiday for a few week, have a friend or neighbor water the lawn once a week.you can buy sheds like this directly from sites like shedsfirst.

Part of watering your lawn is either having an automatic lawn watering system setup or manually watering your lawn, at least once a week.ֲ  If you need a quality hose reel system, check out our sponsor.

Red on Green Lawn Picture
red on green lawn by: E3000ֲ 

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Best Composting Material- Horse Manure – The Survey Results are in

The composting survey is in for the Best Composting Materials question: the choices ranged from bird droppings, algae to egg shells, but horse manure was the overwhelming winner, with 15 votes.

But where do we get horse manure for our garden compostingֲ  if we don’t have horses?ֲ  Simple, take a trip to the “country”, ask local farms, or if you can’t get out of the city, take a trip to the local garden nursery and ask them.


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Only your Favorite Garden Vegetables – Mine are Cucumbers

Choose vegetables that you and your family will really love, but donג€™t Overplant. Donג€™t waste time and effort growing vegetables you won’t eat. Concentrate on your favorites; mine are definitely the cucumbers and the red tomatoes. I have a bumper crop of tomatoes this year so I’m going to try my hand at making some sun dried tomatoes, check an earlier post to learn how. Make a quick salad, with some savory olive oil and fresh lemon juice. No need to waste the gas/petrol driving to the supermarket, just a jump to your yard and a quick snatch from the garden.

photo: radiant guy